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Do you have to reject projects,
which you don't have capacity for?

We are ready to offer you
a helping hand just for
such situations.

Do you have your own technology but lack a design department?

We will help you ensure the complete delivery of the project and the satisfaction of the needs of the end customer.

Do you have your own design department, but no design capacity?

We will be happy to help you. It is not a problem for us to participate in unfinished projects.

You have a design department, but you don't have enough know-how?

We will help you ensure a complete delivery project and meeting needs end customer.

Our services

Design office

Our design office focuses on robotics and industrial automation. This inherently includes the development and construction of single-purpose machines and equipment, grippers, conveyors and other handling techniques. We also deal with the construction of welding fixtures, both for manual welding and for robotic welding. Preparations with pneumatic or hydraulic elements are no exception. Our other segments include workstations, again both for manual loading of parts and for robotic loading. Our work also includes the creation of feasibility studies or conceptual project solutions. In the construction industry, we focus on steel structures such as various platforms, staircases, transition tunnels and others. We also redraw 3D models into drawings and vice versa. We create pneumatic diagrams, user manuals, service manuals and other documents in Czech and English.

We draw in Solidworks (4 licenses), Autodesk Inventor (2 licenses) and PTC CREO (1 license).

In our team, we have experienced designers with extensive experience and sufficient know-how.

We are ready to provide you with all the help you expect from a design office.

Examples of some
of our realizations.

The course of cooperation.

As easily as possible

1. First contact

Do not hesitate to contact us
on a phone number or
on our email.

2. Project assignment

This is followed by a personal meeting where we get to know your project, your requirements and the requirements of your end customer in more detail.

3. Price offer

You will receive a price calculation from us with the date of completion of the production documentation.

4. The beginning

After the approval of the price offer, our designer will come to specify in more detail the specification of the project and fine-tune all the details of the construction.

5. First drafts

We will send you the first draft of the project to prevent it from going down a design path you don't want. There can be more of these concepts.

6. Processing of details

After the approved project, the details are processed, i.e. production parts are adjusted, connecting material, distribution, etc. are finishing.

7. Model approval

When the 3D model is complete, it is sent for final approval. This approval must be given in writing to the designer's e-mail address.

8. Documentation

The designer will create production documentation according to your requirements (e.g. the form of naming parts and assemblies, the form of the parts list, logo drawings, etc.)

Do you know
our clients?

We are looking for new designers.

Join our team, where you will continue to develop your talent. Get in touch with us.

Contact us

Call us or write to us.

Visit us.

U Rybníka 3343/10, 586 01 Jihlava
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VAT ID: CZ05084687
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Contact us

Call us or write to us.

We are looking for new designers
to join our team.

What will you do with us?

Design machines and equipment for automation and robotics. Create production documentation. Collaborate with colleagues on project parts. Communicate with external suppliers. Travel to customers throughout the Czech Republic.

What we expect from you?

Proven experience in design. Driver’s license group B. Willingness to solve things. Responsibility and independence.

What can you expect from us?

Interesting and diverse projects. Honest and fair approach. Increasing knowledge in the field of automation and robotics. Work on a full-time or self-employed basis. Salary based on experience and results. Share in the company’s profit. Training on necessary software and hours of English language. Training and seminars as needed.